Friday, January 13, 2006

Good News--and Bad -- Kennedy 311 (5758): 145 -- Science

Sorry Donald,In reference to the Hwang affair. I agree that this was not a rebuke of the peer review system. I agree that the system is basically sound. But you toss off the damage this has done to the basic trust the public and many scientist have in your journal. Just last week I was reading an interesting article in your journal about depression. I found the article to be very convincing and exciting. But at the end I realized that my first thought was "I wonder if it's true?" This question shocked me. We need the highest level of trust in our leading journals, and though I also agree that we cannot enter the labs and notebooks of every researcher, the tenor of your article was sort of flippant to the degree that, sadly, I still feel that I'll wind up asking the question, "Is it true?" So what we might need here is a serious approach to how things at our leading journals will improve so that we can trust our science (and your Science) again.


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