Sunday, August 26, 2007

NYC: Scooters a congestion solution?

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Scooters outside the Brass Monkey bar in New York

Scooter riders say the small but sometimes noisy vehicles are the best answer to a dreary subway commute or, even better, to the traffic congestion that chokes New York streets.
"But it's fun, I'm outside, it's great and quicker than being stuck in a traffic jam."
"Think of the money I'm saving by riding this - to fill it up costs $5 and it lasts for a month."
New York traffic
He adds: "We asked a company to do a study for us to find out what would happen if we replaced 20% of the cars in Manhattan with scooters.

"We found that every single driver in Manhattan would save 100 hours a year that are currently lost in traffic - that's huge."
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China: Environmental Cost of Rapid Growth

Pollution has made cancer China’s leading cause of death, the Ministry of Health says. Ambient air pollution alone is blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

Environmental woes that might be considered catastrophic in some countries can seem commonplace in China: industrial cities where people rarely see the sun; children killed or sickened by lead poisoning or other types of local pollution
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Choking on Growth

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Drop Foreseen in Median Price of U.S. Homes

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The median price of American homes is expected to fall this year for the first time since federal housing agencies began keeping statistics in 1950.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Getting Shrill?

Clinton? Obama? Edwards?

Nope, Newt Gingrich
"We're about to enter the seventh year of this phony war...and we're losing."
"How can we tolerate systems more likely to send young Americans to prison than college?"
"Republicans have this maniacally dumb idea of Red versus Blue. They say, Detroit is a blue place, so we're not going to go there."
"We have to have a national energy strategy, which basically says to the Saudis, 'We're not going to rely on you.'"
"Republican political doctrine has been a failure,"
"Look at New Orleans. How can you say that was a success? Look at Baghdad... I don't think you can look around and say that was a great success."

Friday, August 03, 2007

Failed Bridges & Failed Presidents


What link is there between the two bridges in the pictures above? The one on the top is the bridge that crosses the Mississippi in Minneapolis that suddenly collapsed, the other is a bridge that crosses the Tigris in Baghdad. What is the link you ask? Failure of leadership is the link.

Our government is going heavily into debt yet that debt isn't even being spent on "capital", on the infrastructure needed to maintain and build the future economy, it is being wasted on a war. A war that was predicted to turn out the way it did but a prediction that leadership ignored in their planning because they didn't like it. While we are distracted, losing our young and creative and our treasury to a pointless war of choice, others gather their strength (1,2,3).

The enemies of America have placed a mole in our midst. This mole's actions have lead what was the world's only superpower to the edge of failure. May George W. Bush go down in infamy. He is not pro-American in any sense.

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