Sunday, August 26, 2007

NYC: Scooters a congestion solution?

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Scooters outside the Brass Monkey bar in New York

Scooter riders say the small but sometimes noisy vehicles are the best answer to a dreary subway commute or, even better, to the traffic congestion that chokes New York streets.
"But it's fun, I'm outside, it's great and quicker than being stuck in a traffic jam."
"Think of the money I'm saving by riding this - to fill it up costs $5 and it lasts for a month."
New York traffic
He adds: "We asked a company to do a study for us to find out what would happen if we replaced 20% of the cars in Manhattan with scooters.

"We found that every single driver in Manhattan would save 100 hours a year that are currently lost in traffic - that's huge."
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