Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Verizon Deals

Deals you might pull off when working with Verizon sales reps.
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A former sales rep for phone compaby, Verizon, got in touch with The Consumerist to help deal shoppers get the edge whilst in the store.

It’s a handy 8 stepper just to make sure you’re on the same playing field as the reps.

  • Never get a 2-year contract.

  • Verizon reps get tons of money from new lines and certain accessories and text packages, take advantage of this.

  • Mention the lost or stolen program to get 25% off a new phone, even if you’re under contract.

  • If you’re on a rate plan of $59.99 or higher, you can get “a new phone (and new contract) for the discounted price after 12 months.”

  • Insurance is a rip-off.

  • Tell them you’ll sign up for the Unlimited Data Plan with your Treo.

  • Reps don’t get as much money if you’re still in a contract.

  • Ask for a loyalty credit on the phone before going to the store.
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