Friday, June 08, 2007

Taking sides as a team

I remember walking down the curved street DC on my way to work. I remember during the election of 1984 how I used to put up Reagan stickers and some other person kept replacing them with Mondale stickers. I would in turn replace them with Reagan stickers. I also remember how I used to think it was funny the way that the Mondale stickers, when exposed to sunlight, would turn red. But what I really liked was the sort of camaraderie that was instilled somehow. Though we were on two different sides of an issue, in this case a presidential election, there was still a level at which we were doing the same thing, playing the same game and thus had an alliance. Of course that is what I felt. It could well have been that the other person couldn’t stand what I was doing and just reviled me. But I’ll go with my feeling. It is so much better.

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