Wednesday, April 23, 2008

20 Things The Millionaire Next Door Does NOT Do

Stop thinking of money as stuff, as friends, as escape. Start thinking of it as storage for your future needs especially as a buffer in emergencies.
Pay for Lawn Service
Go to a Hair Stylist
Use Time as a Measurement for Success
Buy Brand New Cars
Carry a Monthly Credit Card Balance
Eat Out on a Regular Basis
Think He Knows It All
Socialize with People Who Waste Money
Desire Instant Gratification
Pay Retail for Name Brand Clothing
Keep His Money in a Checking Account
Replace What is Not Broken
Visit the Tanning Bed
Impulse Buy
Waste Time on Senseless Activities
Focus His Attention on Negative Obstacles
Bet The Farm
Fly First-class
Earn Every Dollar He Makes at His Day Job
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