Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amazing OlD Color Photos

These are remarkable. Imagine a color photo before radio, and even the telephone.
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The oldest known color photograph: 1872

Before the Autochrome process was perfected in France, this photograph of a landscape
in Southern France was taken. No, it is not hand-tinted. This is a color-photograph.
(Note: It was published in a Time/Life Book entitled "Color" in 1972, "courtesey of
George Eastman House, Paulus Lesser.") You are looking at the birth of color
photography seven years after the American Civil War. 130 years ago this view of
Angouleme, France, was created by a "subtractive" method. This is the basis for all
color photography, even today. It was taken by Louis Ducos du Hauron who proposed the
method in 1869. It was not until the 1930's that this method was perfected for
commercial use.

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