Sunday, March 11, 2007

To Dragon or Not to Dragon...

SO the question is, do I get voice recognition software (which no doubt would be much quicker than my typing) or not.

The real draw back is that I have begun to really enjoy typing. It is sort of like playing a piano in a way in that you can feel the flow of the words sort of magically go through your hands and finger tips. And to have really just begun to do so without looking at the keyboard is itself an amazing new feeling that somehow, I don't how to put it any other way than to say it is a artistic/spiritual/mystical (OK this may be overstating it a bit) experience. Anyway, is there anyone who has developed the joy of typing who has tried voice recognition software? My "fear" is not that voice recognition will be bad, my fear is that it will win me over and I will never look back. Sort of like deciding to leave a loved one for another.

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